Color Schemes


Choosing a Predefined Color Scheme

From Namaste Theme PanelColor Options choose a pre-defined color scheme.

Creating Your Own Color Scheme

If you have basic CSS skills you can create your own color scheme based on some of the existing ones:

  1. Open one of the existing files in folder layouts / skins and save it as a new file.
  2. Open the new .css file with your favorite text editor and make your changes to the colors.
  3. Save the file and upload it in folder skins.
  4. Find the new color scheme (named after the name of your .css file) and choose it.

Custom Text Fields

Custom text fields give you easy way to change / add text or HTML in several pre-defined areas of your site.

Welcome Texts


You can add a text field right under the Search in Courses and Lessons area in the home page. Go to Namaste Theme Panel -> Custom text fields and enter your text in to the field “welcome text”. Leave the field blank if you don’t want to have any text.


Change the copyright information in the footer by filling Your footer copyright information in Namaste Theme Panel -> Custom text fields. Leave this field empty to use the default copyright information.

Services columns

theme_servicesThere are 4 columns under Recent courses on the homepage. Typically you’ll want to use them to show the benefits of joining your courses, place some other kind of advertising texts etc.

Enter something in the title and text fields to add your title / description.

You can use to change the default icon on each of the columns. Choose the icon you like and use the Copy HTML link.

From the popup window that appears, get the code and paste it in the icon field of the corresponding column. If you want to use the default icon just leave the field blank.

You can hide the whole column by deleting the text in the “title” field. You can use this trick to hide / show any of the four columns.


Front Page Settings


Recent Courses

This section configures the number of recent courses that will be shown on your homepage. Change the number from Namaste Theme Panel -> Style Options. Of course you need to create some courses first.


Use this checkbox to show stats based on your courses on the homepage: Total number of available courses, Total number of students enrolled in courses and Total number of assignments.

Slider or Header Image

This tutorial explains how to use a custom slider or embed a header image: Custom slider or header image


Limit Access for Students

Many of the LMS users don’t want their students to access the content through the standard WordPress dashboard and the default “My Courses” menu link. This post will explain how you can do this step by step.

1. Hide the Dashboard

In Namaste Theme Panel -> Limit Access check the checkbox “Limit Access to WordPress for Students” and press Save Changes.

2. Expose “My Courses” Page on the Front-end

You can automatically create “My Courses” page which lists all the courses available to the student with enroll buttons and links to the lessons. Just press “Add “My Courses” post for students with limited dashboard” button. 

Once created a link to the new page will appear in place of the button.

5. Certificates

Similar as above, you can automatically create a “My Certificates” page. Just press the button “Add “My Certificates” post for students with limited dashboard”.

Once created, a link to the new page will replace the button.

Custom slider or header image

Unlike other themes, the Namaste! LMS Theme does not force you to use a specific slider. Any responsive slider will do the work. If you don’t have any favorites, have a look at Master Slider – Responsive Touch SliderSlider by Supsystic or Smart Slider.


You can show any slider in the homepage. Place its shortcode in the field Namaste Theme PanelStyle OptionsShortcode of your favorite slider.

To remove the slider without deleting any slides or deactivating the plugin you need to simply delete the shortcode from the field.

If you have deactivated the slider plugin you absolutely must remove the shortcode from the field.





If you don’t want to use a slider you can set a static Header image. Go to Appearance -> Customize and chose Header image.

To use the static header image your Shortcode of your favorite slider in Style Options must be empty!